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Tap into Golden’s Best Breweries

Get a taste for the hoppy, the malty and even the sour at these Golden breweries. Beer put our fair city of Golden on the map, and we’ve been stopping to smell the hops ever since. As home to the largest single site brewery in the world, MillerCoors, Golden may just be the biggest little beer town in America. Here’s a roundup of 6 craft breweries that are sure to put some delicious suds in your step. Cheers. Golden City Brewery Golden’s second largest brewery has been serving cold ones to thirsty patrons for more than 25 years. More recently,

5 Best Wine Gadgets

Wine is a perfect drink for many occasions – the end of a long day, dinner with friends, or event a summer afternoon outside. So it’s no surprise that there are tons of gadgets out there dedicated to drinking wine. Here are some of the best gadgets for wine for 2018. Coravin Model Two Wine System The Coravin Model Two fixes the dilemma most wine drinkers face – to open the bottle or let it age longer? This system allows you to pour wine from a bottle without damaging the cork, meaning once you poured yourself a glass, you can

Where to Book Your Next Foodie Vacation

If you’ve got constant food porn on the brain, it’s time to plan your next road trip. From fast casuals to haute cuisine, here are 5 cities that consistently deliver epicurean nirvana. New York A foodie’s travel footprint wouldn’t be complete without a trip to the gastronomic capital of the nation, which has more Michelin-starred restaurants than any other state. Not that you need to go fancy to take advantage of this iconic food scene that covers every type of cuisine imaginable across the five boroughs. Foodie favorite include Momofuku, Ivan Ramen, the revamped The Grill, Lilia, Peter Luger Steak

Portuguese Wines 101

Serious oenophiles will tell you that Portuguese wine is all the rage, but not enough drinkers know what they’re missing.  When you think of the world’s greatest wine regions, Bordeaux, Burgundy, and Napa Valley always rise to the top. But savvy wine drinkers know that Portugal has been hitting it out of the park for years. While the country’s Douro Valley is best known for its legendary ports, coveted the world overs, there’s a lot of wine to love from the country’s impressive selection of mature vineyards. Similar to European wines, Portuguese bottles are often labeled by region rather than

8 Ways Resistance Training Can Trick the Aging Process

Sure it adds tone and definition to muscles, but that’s just the beginning of what this strength-building superpower can do for your future. Tight abs and sculpted arms aren’t the only benefit of resistance training—the process of using free weights, weight machines, resistance bands and even the weight of your own body to build muscles. There’s also growing evidence that it can slow down the aging process in myriad and profound ways. It keeps you sharp. Building up muscle strength may lead to better brain function. Some research suggests that regular strength training and aerobic exercise help improve thinking and

Colorado Day Trips

Colorado is a vast state with so much to do corner to corner. There isn’t always time to explore everything, but that’s where day trips come in. Here are some of the best day trips only a short drive away.   Dinosaur Ridge Morrison, Colorado Dinosaur Ridge is a famous natural landmark, located along the Front Range of the Rocky Mountain and only a short drive from Golden. In 1937, during the construction of West Alameda Parkway, dinosaur tracks were discovered on the east side of Dinosaur Ridge in the 100-million-year-old rocks. This area was a part of a shoreline

Power Up with these 6 Classic Yoga Poses

Need a natural energy boost? Coffee’s no match for these six energizing yoga poses you can do any time of the day.   1) Cow/Cat pose Come into tabletop position on the floor, knees hip-width apart under your hips and palms stretched out directly beneath your shoulders. Spread your fingers evenly into the ground through all four corners of your palms. Tilt your gaze down, with head and neck neutral. Move into Cow Pose by inhaling as you drop your belly towards the floor. Lift your chin and chest and gaze up towards the ceiling if it feels good. Draw

Get Your Gear On

Where to hike, bike and kayak in Golden this summer.  Let’s face it. You’re not getting the full Golden experience unless you’re spending some time off the grid this summer. Golden sits in the shadow of two scenic mountains that provide the perfect setup for hiking, biking, kayaking and more. So what are you waiting for? Get out there. And remember to hydrate responsibly.   Hike it. Golden provides dozens of miles of trails for all types of promenades, from casual stroll to a monster challenge. Many of the trails run right into town, allowing the prefect segue way to

Via Lake Tahoe Water Trail

America’s Top Adventure Vacation Destinations

Get your heart pumping with these awe-inspiring getaways.   Not all trips are meant to bake on the beach. Intrepid travelers, take heart. We’ve rounded up some of the classic adrenaline-inducing destinations for your bucket list getaway. No passport required. Grand Canyon, Arizona There’s a reason it’s consistently ranked the best single adventure trip in America. Experience some of the earth’s biggest rapids through Lava Falls, day hike along the South Kaibab Trail and swim through the dazzlingly bright turquoise waters of Havasu Creek. Best time to go: March through May or September through November   Lake Tahoe, California Lake

Colorado’s Top Golf Courses

Everyone who lives or has visited Colorado knows that it has exceptional weather for the majority of the year and beautiful natural landscaping from corner to corner. This natural landscaping, however, has also led to the development of first-rate golf courses. Here are some of the best courses in the Denver area. Castle Pines Golf Club Castle Rock, Private Completed in 1981, Castle Pines Golf Club was built to showcase the natural landscape of the site. Rolling hills, dense tress, ravines and elevation changes make this course stand out and has helped make it one of the best golf courses

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