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Delightful Fragrances for Your Zodiac Sign

For most of us, fragrance is powerfully evocative. Certain scents have the power to totally transport us to another time in our lives, or to bring back a long-forgotten memory. Perhaps it’s not too surprising that selecting a personal fragrance can then seem like a daunting task; selecting the right notes to encapsulate your own personality traits is not easy. Fortunately, we’re here to simplify the process, using the twelve signs of the zodiac. The talented specialists at FlowerSchool NY explored the different qualities of each zodiac sign to distill the perfect fragrance notes for each and every one. Executive director Calvert Crary, also a florist and photographer,

Recipes to Embrace Hygge

Hygge Foods to Warm Your Heart and Hearth All Winter Long

In the dark days of winter, there’s something particularly satisfying about creating a cozy, hearty meal to keep the chill at by. Nobody knows this better than the residents of Scandinavia, who deal with more wintry darkness than most of us, and have responded by evolving the delightful concept of “hygge”. If you’re not a hygge convert already, is a Danish concept meaning, “a quality of coziness and comfortable conviviality that engenders a feeling of contentment or well-being.” It applies to all aspects of your lifestyle, from furnishings to fashion, and it most certainly applies to food. Changes are, you’ve

Interior Design Predictions 2018

Interior Design Predictions for 2018

Quick: Name the design trends you’ve been hearing about over and over again in 2017. It’s pretty safe to say that millennial pink will top that list, mid-century modern is still kicking around, and, for better or for worse, shiplap became something of an HGTV-ified cultural phenomenon the way chevron was once the pattern du jour. (Though perhaps it’s safe to say that something has peaked when there are T-shirts emblazoned with #Shiplap available for sale on Etsy.) So what 2017 trends are on the way out? “Industrial chic has been on its deathbed for a while, but now it’s officially dead

The Secret to Healthy Aging

Who doesn’t wish for a fountain of youth? Magical youth-restoring springs exist only in legend, but science does point to a few simple, healthy habits that can help extend your life. Heather Whitson, MD, associate professor of medicine (geriatrics) at Duke University School of Medicine, shares the most effective tips. Don’t Slow Down “Exercise and physical activity is where the strongest evidence lies, not just for reducing mortality, but also for across-the-board health benefits,” Whitson says. She ticks off exercise’s advantages: fewer heart risks, improved sleep and memory, less depression and pain, better bone strength and fewer falls. What kind

Delicious Fall Cocktails

Cocktails to Try This Fall

Seasonal ingredients like cranberries and apples pair beautifully with ginger beer, white wine and hard cider to create delicious drinks. These fall cocktail recipes will get you in the fall mood whether you’re looking for a comforting hot toddy or a tart pear sour. Hard Cider Sangria Instead of wine, this juicy sangria is made with hard cider spiked with lemon juice and apple brandy.     Stone Wall This updated version of a Stone Wall mixes rum with ginger beer and apple cider for a refreshing cocktail.   Old Irish Cure According to the Irish-born Sean Muldoon, Irish people