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Fun Things to do with Out-of-Town Guests | Epoque Golden

Fun Things to do with Out-of-Town Guests

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Once you’ve grabbed them from the airport and had a chance to catch up, what’s next? Plenty, with this handy list of amusements in and around Golden.

Take the Quintessential Colorado Mountain Drive

It doesn’t get much better than a scenic spin up Lariat Loop Trail to the top of Lookout Mountain. The views are spectacular, and the thrill of hairpin turns and white-knuckle drop-offs is enough to delight even the most fearless of house guests. Plus, who doesn’t love gaining 1,300 feet in a mere mile.

Do a Brew

Golden has no shortage of great craft breweries to frequent, especially after a harrowing ride up to Lookout Mountain. Stop and smell the hops on your own, or let the folks at Coors Brewery do it for you with a guided tour, which culminates in a free tasting.

Go West

Show ’em a taste of the Old West with a visit to the Buffalo Bill Museum and Grave. You’ll learn all about the life and times of “Buffalo Bill” Cody and this Western hero’s ongoing influence on American culture. You’ll even catch a glimpse of Annie Oakley’s rifles and the feathered headdress of Sitting Bull. The museum is located on top of Lookout Mountain, with stunning views of Golden.

Give Wannabe Geologists a Thrill

The Colorado School of Mines Geology Museum is home to a world-class collection of minerals, gemstones, and meteorites, including one of the state’s two Goodwill moon rocks collected during the Apollo 17 Mission. Admission is free.

Take an Early Spring Hike

There are so many to choose from. Golden Gate Canyon can be a winter wonderland with snow frosted trees or a dry hiking paradise on a mild day. Clear Creek Trail is everyone’s favorite all weather trail, starting from the center of downtown Denver up into the foothills. Or take a five-mile hike of North Table Mountain. The view from the top of this lunar landscape of ancient volcanic rock provides great vistas of downtown Denver on one side and the foothills on the other.

Pay Homage to the Woodman

Got a Woody Allen fan in the house? You’ll want to take a drive to the Sculptured House, aka the “Sleeper House”, featured in Allen’s 1973 sci-fi comedy, “Sleeper”.With its distinctive elliptical modern curves, it’s a signature site built on Genesee Mountain built by architect Charles Deaton. The owner of this Colorado historical landmark recently underwent renovations in 2018.

Say Cheese

Take an old-time photo of yourselves at the Oh Susanna Vintage Photo studio. Choose between Wild West, Steampunk or Victorian costumes and backgrounds. You can even include the dog! Photos are ready by the time you leave.

See Red

The international renowned Red Rocks Park and Amphitheater draws music lovers, nature fans and fitness fanatics alike from around the world to enjoy its 300-foot sandstone monoliths. Hike the Trading Post Trail that weaves through the most majestic red rock formations. Or learn about Colorado’s amazing music history at the Colorado Music Hall of Fame. If it’s summer, enjoy your favorite music outdoors in person. Check out the 2019 Red Rocks Concert Schedule.

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