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Best Breweries in Golden, CO | Epoque Golden

Best Breweries in Golden, CO

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It's safe to say that breweries in Golden, Colorado, are some of the best ones in the world. While there are breweries all over the country and even internationally, we're going to focus on breweries found right here in our backyard.

With the recent events of the devastating fire that affected our surrounding area, visiting these local breweries is a wonderful way to show that “Colorado Strong” support! Our state and its residents, emergency responders, and businesses have showcased amazing resiliency and fortitude during this time. So, when tasting the goodness these breweries have to offer, raise a glass to Colorado and enjoy!   

Coors Brewery

It's probably no surprise that breweries in Golden are home to some great beer considering the town was started by breweries! The Coors Brewery has been brewing its famous beers since 1873, and was one of the first breweries to produce lagers on a large scale. Today, it is one of the largest breweries in America.

Golden City Brewery

Golden City Brewery is a favorite in Golden! Known for its delicious beer and friendly customer service, this brewery has been brewing craft beers since 1993 when it was founded by two geologists, Charlie and Janine Sturdavant. Actual beer fermenters and a somewhat used gas-fired kettle have replaced the old “frankenbrew” equipment. The brewery makes the now-famous red and pale ales, among other beverages.

New Terrain Brewing Company

In 2007, Josh and Kaylee Robbins founded New Terrain Brewing Company. They decided to venture into new territory and open a production brewery in Golden, Colorado, that would allow them further development, creativity, and experimentation. New Terrain Brewing Company was formed shortly after finding the right property and following their dreams.

Holidaily Brewing Company

For gluten-free individuals, it can be challenging to find a beer that’s both delicious and safe to consume in large quantities. Karen Hertz, the company's founder, is well aware of this, which is why she has committed Holidaily Brewing Company to deliver beers that are both gluten-free and delicious. Thanks to a thorough understanding of the brewing process and a policy of using zero gluten-containing ingredients, a glass of this unique beverage is a palate pleaser!

Cannonball Creek Brewing Company

With a relaxed atmosphere, a rotating tap selection, and a slew of awards — including honors from the Great American Beer Festival in Denver every fall — Cannonball Creek has become a popular destination for beer lovers from all over the United States. With more than 140 seats in the taproom, it’s the ideal place for beer enthusiasts of all skill levels to kick back and enjoy themselves

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